Wide varieties of street lighting works are undertaken by our trained and qualified sector scheme workforce and are offered to both our public and private sector clients throughout the UK. Assistance and advice is offered to our clients at design stage to confirm the build-ability of the scheme.
Special activities include the installation of columns, feeder pillars, VRS lighting columns, passively safe, raise and lower, illuminate.

Examples of recent schemes include:

Lighting Upgrades

M60 Junction 2
M4 Junction 10/11
A406 Henleys Corner
M40 Junction 9 Improvement
M5 Raise / Lower Upgrade
M67 Junction 1 to 3 (Part of FLSO)
M60 Junction F/P
A627M (FLSO)
A5036 Bridge Street (Pinch Point)
M6 Junction 26 (Pinch Point)
M6 Junction 17 (Pinch Point)
M56 Junction 11 (Pinch Point)
M65 Junction 8

Cable Replacement

M6 Junction 10/10A
M42 Junction 7
M6 Junction 4A/5
M5 Junction 4/ 5
M42 / M5 Interchange
M60 Bredbury

New Installation

VRS Column Installation
Feeder Pillars
Passively Safe Columns

Gantry Installations

M1 Junction 23
M1 Junction 24
M1 Junction 19
M69 / M1 Junction 21